You are Nimbus, the titular hero, chosen by the mystical water-basin to be the legendary rain-catcher. A cycle of centuries passed has begun once more and the ancient tree of Elegin has started to wither and without the water of the gods it will perish. With the choosing of the water-bearer, the god Aqueous has been summoned and his Mighty Deluge has begun! It's up to you now, pursue him through Forests, Deserts and caverns; play his game, prevent a great flood, save the ancient tree of Elegin and live in legend as the greatest Rain-catcher of all time!

Nimbus is a casual arcade/puzzle/strategy game. The objective is to catch raindrops of one of four particular colors in order to clear objectives and score points! In this first release we have the adventure mode: a level-based challenge where you must clear the raindrop counter in order to proceed, how high can you score with a limited number of drops available to you? Take the challenge and find out! Clear each level to progress to the next, go for the bronze, silver or gold award or try and beat your friends’ high score!

The Windows8 Touch version of the game was released in November 2012 on the Intel AppUp store (which unfortunately shut down in 2014). In this initial release you have access to the Forest, swamp and desert areas; with a variety of 15 levels each more challenging than the last! Make your way to the final levels of each area to face off with boss creatures. Due to the nature of the game, many of the levels will be slightly different each time they are played! Also included is the initial version of the endless mode, increase the difficulty level for each 10 drops caught, how high can you score?

Mobile version coming out soon.