Funky Fruitilicious is a fun and intuitive educational app for pre-school kids, to guide them in the learning process of gaining their first knowledge in the basics of numbers and the concept of counting. The app provides a fun learning environment and engages children using visual learning techniques.

Funky Fruitilicious combines core early learning number skills with interactive fun, colourful fruit characters, 2 game activities that reinforce number recognition and funny audio sounds to enhance learning for kindergarten kids.

Funky Fruitilicious is most effective when parents play with their kids and guide them through the included activities. As they become more familiar with the structure of both games, children can play alone and build early learning and number competency skills.

Your child will learn:
★ To understand numbers from 1 to 10
★ Meaning of numbers using funny fruit characters
★ Order and sequencing Skills
★ Apply counting in real world situations

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